Amazon fake emails scam

Email Scams are getting more sophisticated and harder to recognise so be on your guard, it’s so easy to click on a real looking link or open a real looking email and before you know it you’re the next victim. Be on the lookout for fake emails that look like they are from Amazon it’s very difficult especially if you have ordered something and are expecting an email from them to confirm your order.

The fake email thanks you for your order, whether it’s a phone a book or a CD, and then says that if you haven’t authorised the transaction you should click on a link to get a full refund.

The link takes you to a legitimate looking website that asks for your name, address and bank details meaning the scammers have got all they need to spend your cash.

Amazon says, “The best way to ensure that you do not respond to a false or phishing e-mail is to always go directly to your account on Amazon to review or make any changes to your orders or your account.”